Terms & Conditions

Registration Form: (Post Property/ Post Inquiry)

This application form enables the applicant to register with Renavkar. A Real estate consultancy services- Website: re-navkar.com. This is Services designed to enable the applicant to find buyers for his property.

Terms and Conditions

Please fill in the form as indicated below to enable us to register your property. Upon submission of the form to our relationship manager, your property will be registered in our database. Our relationship manager will then guide you in finding a suitable buyer for your property.

General Terms

Renavkar will be entitled to a commission of 2% from you at the final decided price. Any and all taxes, duties, levies, or other charges, whether present of future as maybe applicable. Our fee shall be paid on possession or at the time of registration whichever is earlier.

For Rental Transaction

• Renavkar will be entitled for 1 month Rent in Rental Deal for an agreement period up to 3 Years.

• Renavkar will be entitled for 2 month Rent in Rental Deal for an agreement period up to 5 Years.

• Renavkar will be entitled for 3 month Rent in Rental Deal for an agreement period up to 9 Years.

• Renavkar will be entitled for A FLAT 3 month Rent in Rental Deal for an agreement WITH BANKS & MNC’S.

• On Renewal of the agreement for a period less that or upto 1 Year, The renewal Fee will be ½ Months Rent.

• Please note that under no circumstances will fees paid to us be refunded to you.


• All assistance is provided on a best effort basis only. Renavkar denies any liability for deficiency in services on account of any third party negligence and / or wilful default. Renavkar hereby excludes any warranty (express or implied), as to the quality, accuracy, completeness or fitness for a particular purpose of the assistance and/or information provided hereunder and will not be liable for any damages arising from the use of such information and / or assistance. Certain information and /or assistance under Home search facility is provided by third parties, for use of which Renavkar accepts no responsibility or liability.

• Further Renavkar excludes any liability with respect to (a) any title issues that may arise in properties that may be purchased by the applicant relying on information and / or assistance provided by Renavkar, (b) future changes is the price of property so purchased, (C) any loss in transit of title document of such property, (d) any loss of earnest money by reason of the arrangement between the applicant and seller not materialized, (e) any discrepancies between detail mentioned in the brochure of the developers / builder and the end product,(f) any failure on part of the builder/developer to obtain requisite approvals for pre launch project, (e) any monetary transaction in cash with any one of our employee.